2/9/2019- CCRD Season Opener! Foxes v. Kitties (CCRD and CSRD mixed scrim) @ Santa Rosa Park

 2/23/19- CSRD Season Opener! CSRD v. Faultine Derby Devils, MicroBruisers v. Bakersfield Diamond Divas @ Santa Maria Fair Park

3/2/19 MicroBruisers v. SINtral Valley Roller Derby- AWAY

3/23/19 Bellingham Roller Girls v. MLC, SLOCO Roller Derby v. TBD, SK805 v. Bellingham Roller Girls @ Santa Rosa Park

4/5-7/19 SK805 Tournament @ Monterey Bay Otterbowl- AWAY

 4/13/19 CSRD and SK805 v. Silicon Valley Roller Girls Double Header @ Santa Maria Fair Park

4/27/19 CCRD double header v. West Coast Derby Knockouts- AWAY

5/25/19 CSRD v. Bakersfield Diamond Divas, MicroBruisers v. LA Renegades @ Santa Rosa Park

6/8/19 SK805 v. Ventura County Derby Darlins- AWAY

6/22/19- SLOCO Roller Derby v. TBD, MicroBruisers v. Central California Area Derby @ Santa Rosa Park

8/10/19 CSRD v. Bad Fish Roller Derby- AWAY

8/24/19 CSRD v. Foothill Foxy Fliers, MicroBruisers v. Ventura County Derby Darlins @ Santa Rosa Park

9/7/19 CCRD double header v. San Fernando Valley- AWAY

9/21-22/19 SK805 @ Battle For the Coast Tournament- AWAY (pending)

10/?/19 Escape to the Coast (rainbow tournament) @ Santa Rosa Park

10/19/19 MicroBruisers @ Wrecking Brawl Tournament- AWAY

10/19/19- CSRD v. Inland Empire Derby Divas- AWAY

11/9/19 CSRD v. Rough Diamond Rebels, SLOCO v. Misfits @ Santa Maria Fair Park