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Coach OddJob

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My Sharona #00 Captain


Stumblina #16

Stumblina has been playing Roller Derby since 2011, and is both a Skater and a Referee. Recently returning from an injury, Stumblina is happy to be back on her skates!  She is a badass blocker for the Microbruisers and puts her all into defending her Jammers and throwing Offense at the other team when needed!

Other Hobbies: Drawing, Hiking, Camping and Beach time!

Favorite Position: Blocking/Offense


Billy HomicIdol #34

Billy HomicIdol came to SLO County about 3 years ago and we don’t ever want to let her go! Growing up in Santa Cruz, she spent a lot of her time in the Santa Cruz Roller Palladium. Her time spent there brought her great friends, a first kiss and a love for quads! Eventually she heard about the local Roller Derby team, her mom took her to sign up for training (Thanks Mom!) and the rest is history! Billy has goals to play in the big leagues some day, for a team like Rose City or Gotham!

Other Hobbies: 80’s music, Cosplay, Anime and the Debate Team

Favorite Position: Jammer

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Robo Gogo #5

Robo Gogo found Roller Derby in 2017. She knew that she loved roller skating, and without a roller rink in the area, she turned to Roller Derby for her quad fix! If you come up against Gogo as a jammer you better be ready for a hard hit! She’s not gonna pull any punches and she’ll be smiling the whole time!

Other Hobbies: Running a haunted house with her family and helping out in The Artery, her family’s art shop

Favorite Position: Blocker

Power Nut.JPG

PowerNut #333

Power Nut is the funkiest little Texan this side of...well, anywhere! Nut came to us from Austin, Texas and started playing Roller Derby in 2017. With an affection for roller skating, and the need for a powerful Girl Gang, she fell head first into the world of Roller Derby! Power Nut says that Roller Derby has increased her confidence, courage and created a “..belief in my own strength and power!”. What more do you need to know?!

Other Hobbies: Being a nerd, making fancy coffee and making stupid jokes (you might catch her stand up somewhere around town)

Favorite position: Blocker/General

Iron Mermaiden.jpg

Iron Mermaiden #29

Iron Mermaiden is originally from Chicago, and has been on the Central Coast for over a year now! She started Roller Derby in 2017, as a way to meet fun people that also give back to the community. The roller skating adventure began in her last residence in North Carolina, and when she found CCRD she was able to continue the fun! Her team benefits from her positive and loving attitude every practice and bout!

Other Hobbies: Yoga, Outdoor Time, Board Games, Art Shows and recently Knitting!

Favorite Position: TBD

Ziggy 2.JPG

Ziggy Starpunch #31

Ziggy Starpunch was inspired to join Roller Derby by her her Aunt, Karma K Mila. After years of wanting to join (and after her Aunt retired), she finally made the leap in 2017! Ziggy loves the competitive and aggressive outlet that Roller Derby provides. She has hopes of someday being a high level Jammer!

Other Hobbies: Hanging out with Katana (her dog), Hiking, Reading, Aggressive Quad Skating

Favorite Position: Jammer

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No Name #18

Living on the Central Coast for the last 36 years, No Name is an honorary local! No Name joined Central Coast Roller Derby in 2014 in an attempt to try something new and outside of her comfort zone. You would never know from watching her skate that it was ever outside her comfort zone though! No Name’s favorite thing about Roller Derby is the is the feeling of being powerful after you achieve something you thought you couldn’t and the amazing friends that you make along the way!

Other Hobbies: Spending time with her family and watching them succeed in their own interests

Favorite Position: Upright and in bounds!

Moonshine 2.JPG

Moonshine #277

Moonshine is a High School English Teacher by day and a Jam Star by night! Juggling many hats, she gives her all to the league without missing a beat! Moonie joined CCRD in 2016 after hearing about it from Veteran Skater, Dodger Blue, at a Cal Poly Baseball game. Her current teammate, S.S. Battlehips, handed her a flyer, and the next thing she knew she was at CCRD’s Boot Camp. She has been hooked on Derby ever since!

Other Hobbies: Running, Yoga, Dancing, Poetry, Traveling, Beach Days and so much more!

Favorite Position: Jammer


Paranoia #98

Paranoia joined CCRD in 2017, along with several other of our Microbruisers. Her younger sister had been playing for the Juniors Roller Derby League and it inspired her to check out the adult league! She found a group of strong women that pushed her athletically, and supported her throughout the process! Now hooked on Roller Derby, she is in the process of enlisting the rest of her siblings!

Other Hobbies: Singing, Guitar, Piano and various Crafting Activities

Favorite Position: Jammer & Blocker

Bitters 2.JPG

BitterSweet #56

BitterSweet took up Roller Derby in 2013. She enjoys the continuous challenge that Roller Derby provides both physically and mentally!

Other Hobbies: Baking specialty cakes and Hiking!

Cereal CrusHer.jpg

Cereal CrusHer #3811

Cereal CrusHer came to us from the great land of Los Angeles, and started Roller Derby in 2014. Cereal found Roller Derby through her  sister-in-law. She would go to the games as a spectator and it didn’t take her long to realize she needed to be a part of the action as well!

Other hobbies: Crushing a good bowl of cereal!

Favorite position: Blocker/General


Thomas The Pain #88


Thomas the Pain, affectionately known by her teammates as T-Pain, is another Texan living out here on the Central Coast! T-Pain joined CCRD in 2017 as a way to meet new friends outside of work, and challenge herself physically. She was able to find what she was looking for through Roller Derby and so much more!

Other Hobbies: Singing, Running, Playing Guitar, Hiking and Reading

Favorite Position: Blocker


Blaque N' DeckHER #0

Blaque’N DeckHER started playing Roller Derby in 2009. However, after finishing her Fresh Meat training DeckHER sustained an injury that took her off the track, but that didn’t stop her! As soon as Blaque’N DeckHER healed up, she came back to Derby and became the unmovable blocker we know her as now!

Favorite Position: Blocker


Vicious Vixen #38

Vicious Vixen moved to SLO county about 20 years ago. Vixen started out as a roller skater and then decided to step it up a notch with Roller Derby!  She began Roller Derby in 2017 as the only Fresh Meat in her class! She stuck it out as the lone newby and her determination is something that still shines through!

Other Hobbies: Singing, Playing Piano, Running, Zumba and Margaritas with friends

Favorite Position: Blocker


Link #2

Inspired by long time derby player, Pinball, Link decided to give Roller Derby a try and instantly realized it was a passion! Link started Roller Derby in 2013 as a part of the SLOCO Junior Roller Derby League, and aged up into Central Coast Roller Derby in 2017! Link has impressed all of her fellow skaters with her skills at such a young age!

Other Hobbies: Playing video games!

Favorite position: Jammer “...because I get to be awesome!”

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Tommy Gunz #3

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Sky Fox #7

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HackSlash #69

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Purple Saber #474

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KillHer Queen #707